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Rabbit Skins Sizing Chart

I've heard the words husky and solid thrown around when people talk about me. I don't really know what those words mean yet, but I take it has something to do with my linebacker body type.  Yeah, I am wearing 24M clothes and I'm only 15 months.  So what, I like to eat and I'm a breastfed baby.


Anyways, I'm a svelte 28 pounds and I wear the 24M Rabbit Skins and they are just about perfect for me right now.  That's me wearing the 24M Minitron jersey below...and no, I'm not happy about the Lions start to the season either.

Rabbit Skins Infant T-Shirts

  6 Months 12 Months 18 Months 24 Months
Weight 11 - 14 lbs 15 - 20 lbs 21 - 24 lbs 25 -28 lbs
Length 17 -24 ins 25 - 27 ins 27 - 30 ins 30 - 33 ins


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